About Burt's Farms

Burt's Farms

What People Are Saying

"Love this place. They are the best of the best. Very honest and caring people."

- Darlene C.

"I have NEVER been disappointed in Burts. It is by far the best butcher shop in the Montco/Berks/Chester county area. I am there on a weekly basis getting my meats. Keep up the good work Bill and Chris!"

- Jim G.

"I love this place. It is truly awesome to find a good butcher. I like having a source of meat that I can trust and a butcher who understands meat cuts and can give me exactly what I want/need. Butcher Bill is definitely the greatest and knows what he is doing."

- Melissa A.

"Great quality meat for a great price. I won't buy my meat from anywhere else."

- Mason S.

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A Little Background

Burt's Farms was established in the 1960s by Joe Burt, originally located in Downtown, Pennsylvania. In 1969 Joe moved the business to Zern's Farmer's Market, on Route 73 in Gilbertsville, where it currently stands today. Joe Burt operated the business until 1976 when Bill's uncle purchased the business. Burt's Farms has since been in the Wile's family name, from 1976 through today.

Bill Wiles purchased the business from his uncle in 1992 and moved his family down from Warren, Pennsylvania after working at National Forge Co. for sixteen years, and working with his father in the butcher shop before that, where he learned some of his trade. Bill is one of the few that can truly say he's done it all, from butchering the livestock, which he no longer does, to cutting and processing meats, to the finished product. Bill was taught the trade at a young age by his father and uncle. He also acquired new knowledge from other meat cutters who were taught varying styles themselves.

Bill also practices the art of dry-aging, along with periodically trying out new cuts and specialties for customers or experimenting. Bill makes upwards of thirteen varieties of sausage himself, using his own recipes, and rotates which varieties he makes for something different each week. He makes his own ring bologna as well, in addition to fresh kielbasa for holidays, smoked kielbasa, hillbilly bacon, smoked Andouille, and smoked sausage. Most beef that comes in is hanging in whole sides, not prepackaged. From this, he breaks down the beef himself to make the cuts you see. The pork is delivered from Leidy's, while the beef is obtained from Kissin' Fresh, a company that works in the tri-state area.

There are ten freezer plans that are offered, along with plans for beef quarters, front and hind, sides, and half a hog. With a few weeks' notice, all of the meats can be cut fresh, freezer wrapped, and frozen, ready for your delivery. We also have a deli available, with Chris making her own cheese balls, ham and chicken salad, soups, various sauces, and others. Bill has deli-baked ham, roast turkey, and roast beef that he also makes for you to enjoy!

If you've never been down, we encourage you to stop and take a visit! We'll be glad to answer any questions you have!